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Peltier Tempering Unit – PTT


The LAUDA PTT is the smallest serialized laboratory thermostat of its class. It contains control and operation electronics, heat flow elements and a mini magnetic stirrer.

Thanks to its small dimensions, the thermostating unit is suited to use in the new LAUDA TD 3 tensiometer and for stand-alone applications as well as in combination with other analysis equipment.


Technical Properties PTT
Working temperature range °C 5…80 (Standard)
Sample volume max. ml 60
Temperature stability ±K 0.5
Insertion diameter mm 62
Cooling power at 20 °C W > 12
Magnetic stirrer   Integrated, adjustable
Interface   USB, LAUDA Tensiometer, Command-Unit
Ambient temperature range °C 10…40
Power consumption W 100
Dimensions (WxDxH) cm 12.5x15x10
Weight kg 1.1
Cat. No. 100…240 V 50/60 Hz   LMTZ831 incl. power supply

Examples of applications in stand-alone operation:

  • Thermostating/stirring small quantities of liquid in volumetric flasks, bottles and open or covered beakers
  • Cyclical thermostating of biological or chemical samples
  • Sample preparation of polymers and biochemical products as well as the solution of salts and crystal growing
  • Dispersing, emulsifying, homogenising

Examples of applications in combination with other analysis equipment:

  • Dynamic viscosity measurements
  • Density measurements by buoyancy or oscillating U-tube
  • Photometric and turbidity measurements
  • Dynamic measurements of light scattering
  • Titration
  • pH-value measurements
  • Conductivity measurements
  • Measurement of ion concentration
  • Oxygen partial pressure measurements

LAUDA iVisc Single-place Viscometer BrochureDownload a PDF
of our PTT brochure:

LAUDA PTT Brochure (308 KB)